Petrocart is one of the leaders of the Romanian paper tissue market and the only producer in the country of electrotechnical cardboards. The tissue paper includes converting products - toilet paper, kitchen towels, table napkins, disposable sheets and semi-fabricated deliverables.

Consumer Tissue

The product is manufactured
for personal care and hygiene.
It is manufactured in one,
two or three layers.
Since 2014, Petrocart has put in place a state-of-the-art Toscotec production line that enables the delivery of a wide range of cellulose and recycled based products. Products are sold under Petrocart's own brands, such as the brands Satina, Helga and Coral, and under retailers’ brands.
On request, we can deliver finished products on private labels or semi-fabricated products. The tissue paper is made from 100% cellulose.
Technical Specs

Raw material

Number of layers
1, 2, 3

White, pink, natural
Delivery format can be set contractually.

Technical Cardboard

The technical cardboard is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IEC 641-3-1, type B.3.1 and B.2.1. Upon request, the product can also be adapted to the requirements of other standards..
Through technical performance, transformer cardboard is designed for the construction and repair of low, medium and high voltage and power transformers.

Technical Specs

Properties (thicknesses 1 - 8mm) / IEC 641-3-1, type B values 3.1. The carton is delivered in sheets with a maximum size of 6300 x 3200 mm and thicknesses between 1 and 8 mm. Depending on the requirements, the thickness of the carton may exceed 8 mm.

High quality paper based products



Petrocart manufactures Consumer Tissue and Technical Cardboard. Petrocart is the only producer in Romania for electrotechnical cardboards.

About 50% of our finished products are sold under the Petrocart brand, while the remaining 50% are marketed under the retailers' own brands. In addition to finished products, Petrocart has established partnerships with Romanian and foreign companies alike, whereby the produced tissue paper is sold in the form of semi-fabric (jumbo rolls).

Electro-technical cardboards made by Petrocart have been used over time by some of the world's leading companies, such as Alstom, Areva, Siemens or Enpay.

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